Mbird’s Favorite Movies, TV, and Music of 2022

Some of our finds from the past year.

Todd Brewer / 12.29.22

No matter how good an article or review is, if you haven’t yet seen the movie or TV show you probably don’t want to read it. You’re waiting for it to come out on Netflix and the chance for spoilers is too high. And if you’ve never heard of White Lotus, then why bother? Or more likely, you slightly resent the article because it’s the 8th time this week someone has recommended a movie you have zero time to watch.

Well, it’s the end of the year and by now you’ve seen Everything, Everywhere, All at Once for your in-flight movie. You went on a road trip and finally had the time to learn all the words to Taylor Swift’s Midnights. And it took you four months, but you’ve successfully binge-watched Better Call Saul before someone could ruin the ending for you.

Since you’re (mostly) caught up, consider this list a second chance to revisit those articles you’ve missed along the way.



Bonus: we interviewed Ted Lasso’s Nate the Great for the Mockingbird Magazine. Still waiting on the next season from the AFC Richmond squad, but it can’t come soon enough.

Side Note: I’m surprised we never weighed in on either House of Dragon or The Rings of Power — and not for a lack of trying! These weren’t amazing, but I guess we were all spoiled by how good their predecessors were.


  • Taylor Swift, Midnights — By now, you know every lyric by heart. Sarah Woodard delivers a top-notch article on Taylor Swift’s latest chart-topper.
  • King’s Kaleidoscope, Baptized Imagination — The album illuminates a new way to think about faith struggles.
  • It’s not just me. It’s everybody.” The unofficial anthem for those with imposters syndrome (i.e. everyone).
  • Kendrick Lamar gets off the cross we built for him?
  • Not technically a favorite, but worth revisiting. You probably forgot that Arcade Fire released a new album this year. So did I … and for good reason.

Bonus: check out the interview we did with singer Bruce Cockburn!

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2 responses to “Mbird’s Favorite Movies, TV, and Music of 2022”

  1. Bryan J. says:

    The only reason that the latest album from Carly Rae Jepsen isn’t on this list is because I haven’t had a chance to write about it yet!

  2. Janell Downing says:

    Oh Arcade Fire. How I love thee and am frustrated by you. As the famed director John Ford allegedly told Steven Spielberg in The Fabelmans,
    “If the horizon is on the top or bottom, the picture is interesting. If it’s in the middle, it’s boring. ”
    C’mon Arcade Fire, we know you can do it.

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