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Sweden’s Ongoing War Against Sexism

The last time Mockingbird looked, Swedish clerics were deeply worried about girls there who wanted their fathers to “give them away” in the marriage ceremony. Swedish concern most recently has extended to men, brutally victimized by boxer shorts. Here’s our latest update (thanks again to JD). =============== A Swedish advertisement featuring a muscular man clad only […]

Sexism in Sweden: Revisionist Nuptials

Mockingbird’s Jeff Dean found this hot story about Sweden’s princess, who has created a scandal by having her father “give her away” at the ceremony: The controversy surrounds the church’s view that walking down the aisle together shows that the spouses are equal and they take the act of the father giving his daughter away […]

Excerpt from Bo Giertz’s "Hammer of God"

I’ve finally gotten around to reading The Hammer of God, which comes highly recommended by many of my favorite Mbird theologians, and was especially stuck by the marvelous opening section entitled “The Call” (which I have quoted below). But before I do, I want to share two brief, and I would say quite funny, quotes […]

Christian Funk

Limousine: Holy Spirit (Sweden, 1976)

Mockingbird: Bringing You the Gospel (pt. 4)