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Another Week Ends: Trigger Warnings, Performance Bias, More Tinder, More True Detective, Plus Donald Trump, J.R.R. Tolkien, Gandhi and Tolstoy

1. The Atlantic’s cover story this month comes from social science favorite Jonathan Haidt. His topic is the apprehension-du-jour, the ever-growing problem of P.C., especially in the realm of college classrooms and student learning. Haidt, a professor himself at NYU, sees the trend of “trigger warnings” and “vindictive protectiveness,” different from the political correctness interest […]

Irreplicability, Publication Bias, The Decline Effect and The Scientific Method

Another worthy addition to our coverage of all things human fallibility-related from Jonah Lehrer, published a few weeks ago in The New Yorker. Specifically, on the increasingly complicated nature of epistemology in the modern scientific community. It would appear that “hard” scientists run into more problems replicating significant results than they would care to admit. […]