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Frasier Crane and the Illusion of Self-Control

In the final season episode “Murder Most Maris,” Niles’ (David Hyde Pierce) ex-wife is accused of murder. Niles is implicated as a possible accessory, for lending her an antique crossbow, which became the murder weapon. His life swirling out of control, Niles “chooses” to be calm. Martin (John Mahoney), the Crane boys’ father, observes, “Wow! […]

Frasier Crane, Forgiveness, and "One Too Many"

This is the third in our blog-series “Frasier Crane, Human Nature, and The Good News.” Part I can be found HERE, and Part II, HERE. In the aptly-titled second season Frasier episode “The Show Where Sam Shows Up,” Sam Malone (Ted Danson), Frasier’s old friend and bartender from Cheers comes to visit him in Seattle. […]