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Partisan Narratives (and Cruel Choirmasters) in an Election Season

Slightly updated for context: Living in a “swing battleground state” (VA), I get the privilege of witnessing the escalation of hostilities from a front row seat every election season. And escalate they do! From the ads on TV to the volunteers at the door, the signs on the street to the telemarketers on the phone, […]

Reading Memoirs: David’s Little Helper

I love reading memoirs. Turning to personal accounts of people’s paths through life is fun; it allows me to enter into their experiences for a while. I can’t deny, though, that implicit in my reading is a vague desire to live vicariously through the subject. I read stories to be transported and transformed. Art that […]

Surviving November Pt 4: Partisan Narratives, Universal Sympathies and Keith Richards’ Choirmaster

Just in the nick of time, the final installment of our series on Jonathan Haidt’s wonderful The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. To read part one, go here.  Living in a “swing battleground state” (VA), I’ve had the distinct privilege of witnessing the escalation of hostilities this fall. And […]

An Alternate History of The Rolling Stones (November Playlist)

It turns out The Beach Boys aren’t the only band celebrating their golden anniversary this year. The Rolling Stones reached that landmark in 2012 as well. To commemorate, they’re playing some shows, releasing a new compilation, and have a new documentary coming to HBO on Nov 16th, Crossfire Hurricane. We thought we’d do our part […]

Complicity, Fear and Decadence (When It Comes to Keith Richards)

Interesting observation by David Hajdu in The New Republic: “I’ve always loved Keith, while knowing that my voyeuristic fascination with his decadence is a kind of sadism and, as such, a kind of cowardice. I’ve been too fearful of the likely consequences to dare trying more than an eensy fraction of the things he has […]

Keith Richards on Image, Identity and Songwriting

A few excerpts of Keith Richards’ new memoir, Life, were published in the recent issue of Rolling Stone. Pretty thoughtful stuff, almost at odds with his, um, image: I can’t untie the threads of how much I played up to the part that was written for me. I mean the skull ring and the broken […]

Life and How to Live It – by Keith Richards… (And His Wife)

One major, and slightly embarrassing, omission to yesterday’s list of upcoming pop-culture events is the October 26th release of Keith Richards’ autobiography (!) Life. Here’s the man himself on books and history – so funny: Promoting the book (and talking about her recent bout with cancer), Keef’s wife Patti Hanson was interviewed in Vogue last […]