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Philip Seymour Hoffman Was Right: A Belated Memorial

When you work too much, you don’t experience events of life so much as you pass them by.  The dry cleaning piles up.  I need to take those shirts in; I do when I’m down to my last shirt.  Without realizing it, the only thing in my refrigerator is a carton of curdled half-and-half and […]

(More) On Magnolia: Mockingbird at the Movies

I’ve posted about Magnolia before, but this is a film that bears further examination. One of the most beautiful modern American films, this movie won no Academy Awards, and was only nominated for three (Tom Cruise for Best Supporting Actor, Aimee Mann for Best Original Song, and P.T. Anderson (who also directed) for Best Original […]

The Year That Was (1999)

A couple weeks ago, Dave Zahl asked me to produce a list of my own favorite films of the last decade. And in trying to come up with it I kept having the following frustrating experience. I’d think “Well, I gotta include movie _________. I mean that was amazing! Wasn’t that done in 2000 or […]