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Another (Holy) Week Ends: Unachievement, Damsels Reviews, Gastrodad Confessions, Youth Ministry, Music Snobs, Girls and Darth Vader

1. At this point, you’ve likely seen Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek cover story on the “Crisis in Christianity”. While there’s regrettably little talk of salvation – which I’m not sure is really within the purview of such a piece – and the reference to Jefferson is a bit dubious, the overall diagnosis strikes me as sound. […]

A Frog, a Bear, and a Pig Walk into a Bar: The Gracious Absurdism of Jim Henson and The Muppets

Pixar, Peanuts and now The Muppets – I guess it must be inner child week on Mockingbird! Christianity Today put up the full-length version yours truly’s “The Gospel According to Jim Henson” today, a truncated form of which appeared in the November 2011 issue of the print magazine. I’ve reproduced a few excerpts below. Wakka […]

Statler and Waldorf Have the Last Laugh

In anticipation of what is now only three months away, and in conjunction with their brandnew OK Go video:

Another Week Ends: Damsels in Distress, Religious DNA, AA & Romans 7, Brain Shrinkage, Jim Henson, Fountains of Wayne, and Pirate Autopsies

1. A lot has happened in the world this past week. And it’s probably an indictment that the piece of news that I’ve been most focused on is the announcement that Whit Stillman’s long, long-awaited new film Violet Wister’s Damsels in Distress will close the Venice Film Festival in September. The first stills from the […]

Jim Henson on Puppetry, the Creative Process and Inner Children

The more you study Jim Henson, the more fascinating he becomes. He was not only a self-taught pop genius (the sort that I admittedly have an enormous soft spot for), spreading magic everywhere he went, he was also by all accounts a bit of a saint. A more irreverent/hippie Fred Rogers, if you will, with […]

Another Week Ends: Drunken Churches, Wild Corazons, Chris Paul Forgives, Grief Laws, Muppet Rarities & Herzog’s Cave

1. A couple of addiction-related articles worth drawing your attention to this week. The first is The NY Times article about the now infamous St Anthony Residence, a so-called “wet house” in St. Paul where alcoholics are given shelter while drinking themselves to death. Plenty of food/drink for thought. The second is a short essay […]

Michael Caine Has a Thankul Heart (and an Impressive Voice)

With Thanksgiving week upon us, what better time to revisit the brilliance of The Muppet Christmas Carol? Filmed a few years after Jim Henson’s death, it is a remarkably faithful version of Dickens’ classic, superbly funny/clever in its Muppet-ness yet also unflinching when it comes to the more religious aspects of the story. Of course, […]

The Missing 30 Rock-Muppet Show Connection

An inspired little piece that’s been making the rounds from Brian Lynch, writer of those new Angel comics. (To bring things full circle, click here).

Statler And Waldorf