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A Jealous God and a Delusional Mind

Under all my many facades lies a vicious beast. Her name is Jealousy, and she’s no friend. She’s a cruel taskmaster relentlessly whipping my conscience. She’s uncontrollable; in her grip I’m a rag-doll, limp and spineless. Her tongue is swift; she spins the most amazing lies. And while I can’t see her, I feel Jealousy’s presence heavy on […]

Another Week Ends: Religious Justice, Self-Esteem Pathologies, WWE SummerSlam, and Jealous Partners

1)  Well, if you planned on taking your kids to see Planes, thinking it would be the aviary of the Cars legacy, think again. As it has happened before, Pixar has created something seemingly unrepeatable, except unto itself (and unto scripture), and the Atlantic tells us what it is. Luke Epplin says it is the […]