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Hoarding in a Crisis, Stealing from Your Neighbor

I walked into Trader Joe’s yesterday and the line wrapped around the entire building. Fresh produce was abundant, so I was hopeful for success. I had my toddler with me so I was committed to making the most of this. As I turned to the freezer section I realized what was going on. It was […]

Top 10 Things I Wanted to Blog about in 2013 but Was Too Lazy

I happily come across more pieces of culture than I know what to do with each year (or month, or week, or day) that speak to the Christian Message. This is a good problem to have–it means a blog like Mbird or a preacher like me will never run out of new material. Not using it […]

Grace in Hoarding: The Messy Story of Steven and Dorothy

Have you watched A&E’s Hoarders? I’m sure you have. Some might say it’s the standout of their reality show stable, i.e. their not inconsiderable explorations of “low anthropology” (see also: Obsessed, and Intervention). Talk about a show that rips the mask off of the human condition. It’s a mess! While the messes themselves are disturbing, […]