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A Football Filled with Goat’s Blood (and Other Things Men Can Do For Women)

Arunachalam Muruganantham is a personal hero of mine. Like most men, Muruganantham had no idea how menstruation even worked before he married his wife. As people with little means in India, he began to realize the incredible challenge that women like his wife faced when their periods came. There are profound health hazards that come along […]

George Eliot on Exhortation and Helplessness

Also from “Janet’s Repentance” in Scenes of Clerical Life. Janet Dempster, in a moment of absolute despair, suddenly remembers the minister, Mr. Tryan. She gets the inspiration that maybe he can help her: “No! She suddenly thought — and the thought was like an electric shock — there was one spot in her memory which […]