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Reckless Love: Sometimes Mercy is Uncomfortable

Our friend/favorite/conference speaker John Newton’s newest book Reckless Love: The Scandal of Grace in a Performance-Driven World puts at odds the reality of the grace we receive daily with the ways we think grace is supposed to work. Instead of something given in return for our own goodness, grace can cause outrage by the abundance with […]

Angsty (Everyone) and Walker Percy (Part 3 of 3)

Earlier in the week we explored the loss of sovereignty over one’s experiences that occurs when we make the opinions of “experts” into a sort of Law, such that they have to certify our experiences as genuine. I can watch Midnight in Paris by myself and love it, but on my second showing with the […]

The Radical Gospel’s BEST BOOKS OF 2008

BEST BOOK: Martin Luther’s Theology: A Contemporary Interpretation by Oswald Bayer. “This way to differentiate between Christ as donum, as gift, and Christ as exemplum is necessary to avoid the moralizing that is currently widely practiced, which can be so easily linked with a teaching that advocates “Christ alone” (solus Christus). The danger of such […]