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Obama’s Nobel: Law or Gospel?

I was struck today by the following excerpts regarding Barack Obama’s unexpected, and perhaps undeserved (according to Obama himself), Nobel Peace Prize: AP: President Barack Obama was praised Friday as a worthy Nobel Peace Prize winner although many admirers said the award was based on his potential, not his accomplishments. Former Finnish president and 2008 […]

Should there be a Davos?

Unless you watch a lot of Bloomberg or CNBC, you may not have heard of Davos. Time Magazine summarizes: The small alpine ski town of Davos has just entered its peak season. Every January, a lively mélange of global business magnates, world leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, journalists and intellectuals descend upon the Swiss village to ski, […]

Interview with the Vampire… of Glory

Anne Rice, author of the Vampire Chronicles series (Interview with the Vampire was its first installment, in ’76, and the series as a whole has sold over 100 mil copies), surprised her avid fan base in 2004 with an announcement of her conversion to Christianity. She halted the series, mid-plot cliffhangers, and decided to shift […]