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The Next Two Hours

This one was written by Jeremy Park. My times are in your hand Psalm 31:15 Back in May, I went with some friends to see Kings Kaleidoscope on their “Adventures of Zeal” tour. I bought a VIP ticket, so I was able to sit in on the Q&A session with Chad (lead singer) and Daniel […]

What If My Whole Life Has Been Wrong?

A stirring face-off with existential dread, by Eric Youngblood: An unopened bill still must be paid. I suspect we have all realized it to be so. Even though your mortgage statement sits stacked and unexamined on top of bills from the water company, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Comcast, none of them can go untended to […]

Champions She Shall Never Want

I recently decided to leave Mockingbird. I do not mean that I was convinced over a bourbon-fueled colloquy with a recent Catholic convert that Sylvester Prierias was unimpeachably correct to respond to Luther’s attack on indulgences by defending papal authority. Nor do I mean that I brushed up on recent Pauline scholarship and determined that […]

Doubtful Gamblers, Religious Agnostics, and Hopeful Beliebers

However much attention it once received, “Pascal’s Wager” doesn’t seem to get much traction in today’s God debate/discourse. I’m referring to the idea put forth by the 18th century Jansenist sage Blaise Pascal that belief in God is a good “bet”–there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking the leap of faith. In […]

Paris When It Sizzles: The Fourth Most Interesting Thing That Ever Happened (In The History of Christianity)

Episode 14 of PZ’s Podcast! This week’s podcast tells the story of Jansenism, a religious movement in Seventeenth-Century France. Jansenism divided the country, angered the ‘Sun King’, and ended disastrously for its heroines (and heroes). In the later part of the Counter Reformation, the Jansenists were Roman Catholics who sought to go back to the […]