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The New Issue of The Mockingbird Magazine Is Here, and It Is a Treasure Trove of Grace

Mockingbird / 8.24.21

Issue 18 of The Mockingbird magazine has arrived, and it is a treasure trove of grace. We’ve got new essays, interviews, poems and more, all about the fraught relationship between faith and money. See our full contents below, and to preview the editor’s note, go here.

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“Small Letters and Sparrows” by Mischa Willett

“Little Aptitude for Money” by D.S. Martin (poetry)

“Money Is How We Keep Score” by David Clay

“The Myth of Making It” by Soraya Roberts

“Dear Gracie…” by Sarah Condon

“The Most Important Things in Life Are Not Good Deals” with Anne Helen Petersen (interview)

“Crunched by Numbers” by CJ Green

“Love People, Use Things, Worship God” with Arthur C. Brooks (Q&A)

“Layen Hens” by Maurice Manning (poetry)

“When Money Matters” by Ben Self

“Upside-Down Kingdom” by Juliette Alvey

“What’s Mine Is Yours Already” with Kathryn Tanner (interview)

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Todd Brewer

“Money Isn’t Funny” by Robert Farrar Capon (excerpt)

“When Your Wallet Is Emptied on the Floor” by Kate Campbell (photoessay)

“Good News to the Poor” by Nathan Hart

“The Science of Possession” with Bruce Hood (Q&A)

“Shortchanged” by David Zahl