The Seculosity Creed

A Bit of Sub-Nicene Ridiculousness

David Zahl / 10.22.19

Thank you to 1517 for the opportunity to put this bit of sub-Nicene ridiculousness together and then have 400 people recite it in unison…! I’ve made a couple tiny tweaks since then. Probably goes without saying but this was written in a spirit of play and confession, not superiority. A big shoutout to Ben Maddison for his help:


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4 responses to “The Seculosity Creed”

  1. Caleb says:

    “Fitter, happier
    More productive
    Not drinking too much
    Regular exercise at the gym”


  2. Trevor G says:

    Hilarious, poetic, and deep! In other words, pure genius. Well done.

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