Conference Preview: Bride of Mockingbird at the Movies!

How do we go from “I don’t even believe in Jebus” to “Save me Jebus!”? […]

Nick Lannon / 2.18.11

How do we go from “I don’t even believe in Jebus” to “Save me Jebus!”? We need to be impacted. Whether you’re looking for new insight about faith and the Gospel for yourself, or looking for new ways to share it with others, come to the “Bride of Mockingbird at the Movies” breakout session at the upcoming Mockingbird Conference (March 31 to April 2 in NYC). In our time, and really, since the Lumiere brothers invented the moving picture in 1895, movies and television have had a special access to us. Drama can bring us to tears, and comedy can put aches in our sides, all while we remain on the couch, physically unmoved.

This access can be a powerful tool for ministry, and a powerful access point for God. At “Bride of Mockingbird at the Movies,” we’ll look at some film clips (all-new content from last year!) and talk about how even those godless Hollywood-types can tell stories that touch us and communicate something of God’s grace to us, often without mentioning God at all. We’ll have something both for the person looking to have the Gospel proclaimed to them in a new way, and for the person looking to proclaim the Gospel to others in a new way.

So come, join us, and let the movies do the preaching!