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Sitting Shiva for Kobe: On the Complicated Nature of Grief, and Humans

If there’s anything the movie This Is Where I Leave You taught me — besides that Tina Fey should not do accents — it’s about shiva, the Jewish tradition in response to the death of an immediate family member. I’d heard of shiva before but for the first time saw it dramatized in the film, […]

Because It Rains: Why Kobe Bryant’s Death Hit So Hard & Wide

The following was written by Isabella Yosuico. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. (Matthew 5:45) Why has a death like that of Kobe Bryant—and his daughter and companions—hit so many so very hard? Even non-basketball fans have been […]

Mamba Mentality for Losers

Kobe Bryant won’t go away. I was desperately waiting for him to retire so that I wouldn’t have to watch his brand of basketball or listen to his brand of pop-psychology anymore. Then he retired. But now he’s back. Bryant developed a reputation during his playing career for being ultra-competitive (true) and always coming through […]

Kobe Bryant and Urban Meyer – Two Alpha Males Pass in the Night

Kobe Bryant and Urban Meyer – two guys at the top of their sports professions earlier this century (both leading their teams to multiple championships) – were in the news these past few weeks. Meyer, of course, on Monday night became only the 8th coach in NCAA history with three or more National Championships.  This […]

The Shelf Life of Athletic Grace

The Los Angeles Lakers get what they want. Period. Numerous franchises have flared up throughout NBA history in a prestigious Cinderella-like supernova only to, just as quickly, burn out. Since moving to the City of Angels from Minnesota, the Lakers have certainly been one of the association’s few spoiled evil stepsisters. As an Orlando Magic […]

The Mockingbird 2013-2014 NBA Season Preview

It’s an understatement to say that it is currently an exciting time in the world of sports, but it really is. The World Series starts tonight. College football and NFL is beginning to heat up and bowl games and playoffs we all love will be here before you know it. That’s not even to mention […]

“If I Could Just Beat Mike:” Kobe Bryant, the Jordan Rules Pharisee

The law/demand to measure up to Michael Jordan (the Jordan Rules), as we mentioned in our post about LeBron James, is as incredibly pervasive and as it is inflexible. Like all laws, there’s no wiggle room (i.e. the “jot or tittle” of Matthew 5:18). The law wouldn’t be the law if it were any less rigid. […]

LeBron James and the Unwinnable Game

LeBron James cannot win. It seems that this is true both literally (as in an NBA Championship) and figuratively (as in whatever he does, his critics are displeased). Sunday, James participated in the NBA All-Star game. His East team was losing by double digits (it should be noted that no one tries too hard in […]

Kobe, Sex Demons, and "Making Yourself"

I saw Kobe Bryant on Conan the other night. I’ve never really liked the 4-time NBA Champion…and I’ve never been quite sure why. However, in his push up to this year’s Finals, several NBA writers hit the nail on the head: Kobe seems to have invented himself as a person; he doesn’t seem real. He […]

This Weekend in the NYTimes: Basketball and the Bondage of the Will

In this week’s NYTimes Magazine, there is a fascinating article entitled “The No-Stats All-Star”. It centers on how Shane Battier, formerly of Duke, currently of the Houston Rockets, is one of the most valuable players in the NBA even though his statistics are unremarkable, to say the least. As a life-long UConn fan and Duke-hater, […]