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David Feherty: The Addict Who Is a “Plaid Jacket at a Funeral”

If you watch only “Major” golf on TV like I do, it means that you limit your golf viewing to the four Majors (Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, PGA). My favorite day among the majors is coming up Sunday. The final round of the US Open always falls on Father’s Day–the perfect license for a […]

Jordan Spieth: There’s No “I” in Golf…Huh?

I’ve always had respect for the players and coaches in any sport who use the first person plural when they’re interviewed after a win, and the first person singular when things went poorly for them or their team after a loss. Derek Jeter was like that, so were Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw and Buc’s Super […]

A Rare Moment of Absolute Celebration in Augusta

If you didn’t already know, an 8th grader played in the biggest golf tournament of the year. Guan Tianlang is supposedly just like any normal 14-year-old. By any measure, though, being the youngest player to qualify for the tournament in Masters history makes this kid special. Tianlang was even able to play a few practice […]

Tiger Woods: Theologian of Glory

Tiger Woods’ new ad campaign (or, more accurately, Nike’s new ad campaign featuring Tiger Woods) is making the rounds. Featuring Woods staring down a put, the tagline is “Winning Takes Care of Everything,” a quote attributed to “Tiger Woods, World #1.” There has been much debate about the taste level of this ad, seeing as […]

Another Week Ends: Spoiled Kids, Harvard Perfectionism, KKKlan Grace, Lonergan’s Lament, Negative Thinking, Mormonism, Golf Ethics, Sorkinisms, and Fall Conference Update

1. Over at The New Yorker, Elizabeth Kolbert surveyed the latest swath of parenting books, asking the question “Why Are American Kids So Spoiled?” Much of the article reiterates what we’ve been hearing with alarming frequency the past couple years, namely that the current “helicopter/snowplow” culture of control is backfiring, royally. It’s an honest if […]

Bubba Golf: Mastering Freedom

If, in your Ham-Induced-Post-Resurrection-Feast-Coma, you happened to catch the last round of the Master’s Golf Tournament, you know about Bubba Golf. Lin-sanity is so February! Bubba Watson is the latest upstart in pro sports, winning his first green jacket on Easter Sunday in Augusta, shattering just about every golfer stereotype there is. While the Tiger […]

Fore! A Few Reflections on Scorekeeping in Golf (and Life)

This one comes to us from Mbird contributor Russ Masterson: My family was in Florida recently, and I played golf with my father-in-law and two brothers-in-law. I’m the worst in the bunch. I usually manage a couple good of holes, a handful of decent holes, a bunch of bad holes, and several awful holes. But […]