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Filling in for DZ this week… 1. A great article from Chris Gottlieb for any […]

Todd Brewer / 8.27.10

Filling in for DZ this week…

1. A great article from Chris Gottlieb for any parent who has ever been given unsolicited advice on their parenting skills ( I suppose that includes everyone?).

The author laments: I marvel at how comfortable people feel telling complete strangers about their purported parenting flaws…
No infraction is too small or too strange to elicit comment. (The newspaper was too close to the baby’s eyes?) All my parent friends have experienced this no-win culture of judging parenting. Depending on their personalities, they have cowered, gotten angry or been demoralized by it. Yet as stinging as the comments and glares can be, for most of us they are limited to park benches and supermarket lines or, if we’re unlucky, to visits with the in-laws. Our culture of judging parenting by impossible standards hits some much harder. (ht JD)

1a. As a follow- up check out this article from Lisa Belkin on the same issue. What is it about parenting that emboldens people to criticize so quickly?

Every time I hear a story of a public-parenting busybody I wonder the same thing. What were they thinking? Then I cringe a little. Because, I confess, I have been guilty of being that busybody.

2. On this lighter side, a slideshow by Marc Hartzman satirically wonders why God gives such bad advice. Topics range from toilet papering a tree, to shoplifting, to UFO’s! (ht JD)

3. For anyone looking to be overall more happy, read the following:

a. Some interesting findings from psychologist Marina Adshade about the inverse relationship between promiscuity and happiness. (ht SZ)

b. Will buying stuff make you happy? An article by Stephanie Rosenblum on decreasing marginal utility, I mean… why “stuff” does and doesn’t bring you happiness and the impact the recession is having on people’s spending habits. (ht VH)

4. On the heels of a recent Rolling Stone interview and the deeply religious song “Who am I living for” many people are wondering: what does Katy Perry believe? For a short religious biography of Katy (Hudson) Perry click here. Apparently, KP grew up as a pastor’s kid and was once a budding Christian music pop star.

5. Weezer’s new album features none other than LOST star Jorge Garcia. Below is a preview of the song “Memories”. (ht DZ)

6. From U2 a concert in Turin, U2 debuted TWO new (rough) songs: