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Blake Nail writes from Ohio where he lives with his wife, son and annoying cat. He loves comics, video games, books, movies, RFC and of course, grace.

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    When the “Cart Narcs” Come for You

    I Can’t Stop Watching the Videos

    Tom King’s Pen: a Gavel and a Sanctuary

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a man with superpowers, a closet full of skeletons, a chest constricted by anxieties, and a diagnosis of PTSD, all from saving the world! Whether we’re stuck on a hurtling train with the brakes cut, in a fiery building we can’t escape, or […]

    A Superior Identity

    Well, Spider-Man has done it again. The recent news of Marvel losing the rights to the character has left many faithful fans distraught. Even when Marvel announced its new shows (She Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Knight) last weekend at the D23 Expo, the comments on Instagram were littered with cries for Spider-Man’s return. As […]

    Simba’s Amnesia

    Nostalgia bleeds through the screen as The Lion King remake plays before me. The CGI is astounding and the story still holds strong. For many, it’s a remembrance of their childhood. A flashback to simpler times. A time forgotten. However, through Simba’s eyes, something else has been forgotten: his identity. Simba is riddled with amnesia […]

    The Writing on the Bag (Paper, Plastic, or Shame?)

    The box of Cookie Crisp taunts you as you reach for the Grape Nuts and sigh. You travel over to aisle 9 where the peanut butter is and realize you should just grab some jelly while you’re at it. Make a stop in aisle 14 for the paper towels, store brand. Head for the checker, […]

    Turn with Me to The Book of Ryan

    The people of the Bible are often described as heroes. We see this in secular culture, where the characters of the “good” book are often mocked for “goody good” morals and ideals, which they supposedly manifest. We see this even in our churches. (At least from my limited experience in the land of heroes of […]

    Touching Kevin’s Heart with Dirty Hands

    Our culture is obviously in the middle of some division: some think it’s necessary, and others think it’s harmful. It seems people, especially on the internet, are on the hunt to shame, ridicule, or in some cases, completely ruin people’s lives and careers. Albeit sometimes over reasonable issues, not to negate real offense and wrongdoing. […]