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When God Went Silent

On Trying to Connect with God through a Silent Retreat and Sound of Metal

The Sound of Silence: Jon Guerra’s New Album, Keeper of Days

A Remarkably Timely Track of Deep Inwardness and Longing

Above the Noise: A Word of Comfort in a World of Sound

The Ears, Martin Luther Said, are “the Only Organs of the Christian.”

Jesus Came to Save (Even) Leslie Charping

Here’s something of a revised obituary, brought to us by Ben Maddison. There is a train that goes past my house at 12:30 AM every night, which gives me a lot of opportunities to sleepily scroll through late-night Facebook: a weird and generally silent beast, driven by algorithms and insomnia. Tucked away in that late-night scroll […]

Suffering, Love, and the Sounds of Silence

The camera hovers over a swelling sea, looking down, and a boat glides from the bottom of the frame, up through the middle, and passes, steady, up the frame and out through the top. The camera pans out slowly, the boat slowly being swallowed by the scale of the world it inhabits. Just as the […]

Another Week Ends: Andrew Garfield Falls in Love with Jesus, Internet Trolls Enter the Confessional, Ninety-Percent Forgiveness, Bootstraps Parenting, Kirk Franklin Loses His Religion, and Labour-In-Vain Road

1. Happy Friday, everyone! First up, America Magazine’s interview with Andrew Garfield, who plays Rodrigues in Scorsese’s adaption of Silence, which is wide-releasing today. Apparently Garfield prepared extensively for his role as a Jesuit priest, practicing Ignation Exercises for several months before shooting. To get the scoop, Jesuit Brendan Busse went on a “religious blind date” with Garfield. It started off […]

Martin Scorsese Explains That God Is Always Present, Even in His Silence

If you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for the release of Silence, Martin Scorsese’s adaption of the classic novel by Shūsaku Endō, check out the foreword to the 2016 edition, excerpted below. Written by the movie magician himself, Scorsese reveals how the novel has been intensely personal for him, and why it is this story–one of persecution, doubt, […]

Silence of the Turkeys?

Thanksgiving was good this year. The food was tasty. There was no drama, at least that I was aware of. We’re a family predominantly of introverts. For this I am thankful. I decided to take full advantage of the long weekend off and keep as quiet and inactive as possible. No Black Friday shopping for me. […]

No Such Glorious Thing: Martyrdom and the God of Silence

This post was written by Cort Gatliff. One afternoon when I was in elementary school, as I was choosing a book to purchase from the church bookstore—my reward for behaving while running errands with my mom—I came across Jesus Freaks by the Christian band DC Talk. Named after the band’s successful album and song, both […]

“Into Great Silence”: Robert Bresson’s Notes on the Cinematographer

This guest post comes from Mockingbird friend Michael Centore. This piece is a wonderful companion to his amazing Los Angeles Review of Books piece on the Evergetinos, which can be read here. “The great difficulty for filmmakers is precisely not to show things,” Robert Bresson once declared during an interview for French television. “Ideally, nothing […]

The Christ of Silence, Part Three: Gospel Swampland and the Roots that Cannot Be Cut

Here concludes our mini-series on Shusaku Endo’s Silence. For Part One and Part Two, click here and here. “I’ve told you. This country of Japan is not suited to the teaching of Christianity. Christianity simply cannot put down roots here…Father, you were not defeated by me…You were defeated by this swamp of Japan.” These are […]

The Christ of Silence, Part Two: Kichijiro (Or The Judas Everyman)

As we continue our look into Shusaku Endo’s 1969 classic novel, Silence, we take a look into the novel’s foil-turned-everyman, Kichijiro, and the disaster that had to take place to get him there. To read Part One, click here. At this Kichijiro groveled like a whipped dog and struck his forehead with his hand in […]