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The Local Love of God in a Global Hellstorm

It strikes me that, while the ozone is evidently thinning by the second, the space between earth and heaven seems as opaque as ever. Where is this God who calls us his very own? Where is this God who is apparently in control? By my estimation, society as a whole has devolved into something like […]

In These Certain Times

Certainly you’ll get a kick out of this:

Another Week Ends: Kierkegaard, Resurrection Sufferings, Pandemic Deadly Sins, Strategic Inefficiency, Cathartic Humor, and our Groundhog Days

1. Over at Marginalia Thomas Millay reviews what looks to be a fantastic book on Søren Kierkegaard, by Sylvia Walsh. She provocatively contends that Kierkegaard believed humans were incapable of actually becoming virtuous. The virtues, for him, are the means to measure failure. The Christian life is not the progressive accumulation of successes, but continual […]

Give Me the Cure

Diagnosis, Death, and Hope in ‘Fugazi’

The Blessing (in which I begrudgingly admit everything will be alright)

Confessions of a Certified Catastrophizer

Monsters of Hope: Parenting in a Pandemic

We Need the Hope of Our Children Right Now

Workism in a Literal Pandemic


The Pandemic and the Coffee Shop

What We Learn in Chaos