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A Little Child Shall Lead Them

There are two kinds of people currently in this world: those who love The Mandalorian and those who haven’t seen it. This show is beloved by Star Wars superfans and the casual Star Wars follower alike; the former for its brilliant way of incorporating characters and events from the Star Wars world and the latter […]

Sobriety Broke Me to Pour Me Out

Grateful for this one, by Erin Jean Warde. Months ago, I decided to quit drinking. I have chronic migraines and sometimes face depression. I wondered if maybe something that gives me headaches wasn’t the best for chronic headaches. I wondered if maybe a depressant wasn’t the best beverage for depression. I don’t have a particularly […]

“Mother and Child”: Calling BS on the Expectations of “Silent Night”

I used to love how the carol “Silent Night” captured my image of the season: peaceful, expectant, hopeful. Then I became an adult, and a parent, and Christmastime became anything but serene. I found myself singing words like “all is calm, all is bright” while looking around at other faces, wondering, “Does anyone else believe […]

Hot Cheetos and a Little Post-Partum Grace

I currently live in a cliché. I am four weeks into motherhood, sitting in a nursing bra and a pair of pajama pants from high school that I’ve been wearing since yesterday, and I am fully aware of the fact that my deodorant is falling a little flat at the moment. I haven’t brushed my […]

Conceiving Advent Differently

As I stumble through the door of the fourth baby shower or “sprinkle” I have attended in the last two months, wobbling atop a pair of rarely worn pumps, my eyes dart immediately to the buffet. I survey the landscape and breathe a sigh of relief: there are mimosas. And pimento cheese. Praise Jesus. Five […]

Hopelessly Devoted (on Steroids): Leviticus Chapter Twelve Verses One Through Eight

Sometimes an infant can bring you rest. No I’m not crazy; I have three kids, the youngest born just last October. I did say “sometimes”! Infants in general DO NOT bring you rest, specifically Larkin babies, they love to scream…all day and night. I once wrote a sermon bobbing up and down for two hours […]

Martin Luther on the Humility of Mary and the Work of God

A couple of beautiful excerpts from the Great Reformer’s Sermon on the Visitation, in which he sounds very much like the progenitor of Alcoholics Anonymous that he is. Taken from Martin Luther’s Christmas Book that Roland Bainton put together (indispensable reading this time of year), these paragraphs are part of Dr. Luther’s exposition of The […]