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Olympic Stars — They’re Just Like Us! (In That They Usually Lose)

It has been noted that there are 302 gold medals up for grabs at this year’s London Olympic Games (or, as Bob Costas insists on calling them, The Games of the Thirtieth Olympiad), which might sound like a lot until you account for the 10,490 athletes bent on attaining them. What this means, of course, […]

A Sentence – Julia Hartwig

I depend on the sentence On a stop that seeks form
as orderly and modest as everyday speech
Everything in me awaits the moment when a shape
encloses the shapelessness where it was suspended
I suffer gently but persistently the pain of uncertainty
the dissolution of feelings and thoughts in which I live
as in a diluted space

It doesn’t hinder me from admiring the linden branches
spread wide behind the window the screech of a magpie
annoying and blessed because it exists
it doesn’t hinder me from taking in the heat
of this dry and tragic summer
But a sentence a reliable sentence
restores under my feet the firm earth

Control: A Conference Primer

“Mother, I tried, please believe meI’m doing the best I can,I’m ashamed of the things I’ve been put through,I’m ashamed of the person I am.Isolation, Isolation, Isolation.” When Sam Riley, as Joy Division’s tragic lead singer Ian Curtis, drones out these lyrics in Corbijn’s 2007 film, Control, he’s sequestered to a recording room padded off […]

"Christmas," a poem by John Betjeman

The bells of waiting Advent ring,The Tortoise stove is lit againAnd lamp-oil light across the nightHas caught the streaks of winter rain.In many a stained-glass window sheenFrom Crimson Lake to Hooker’s Green. The holly in the windy hedgeAnd round the Manor Housethe yew Will soon be stripped to deck the ledge,The altar, font and arch […]

Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More

It’s been about two months since a clergy friend of mine gave me his copy of Mumford & Sons debut album Sigh No More, and it’s been pretty much the only thing I’ve listened to since then. And whether you picked them up from DZ’s January playlist or picked them up on the radio, odds […]

William Hale White Strikes Again

We’ve written about William Hale White before.  Each one of his six novels was written under a pseudonym, and not even his wife knew, until the end of her life, that he was the author of the celebrated “Mark Rutherford” novels.  He would go upstairs to his study each night after putting his wife to […]


I have never been to St. John’s Wood. I dare not. I should be afraid of the innumerable night of fir trees, afraid to come upon a blood red cup and the beating of the wings of the Eagle.–The Napoleon of Notting Hill, G. K. ChestertonIf ever thou gavest hosen or shoonThen every night and […]

"Harvard’s Crisis of Faith"

I read this article on this morning and thought it was worth sharing. There is a debate on Harvard’s campus over whether or not the school should require undergrad students to take at least one class on religion during their time there. Read it here. It is a helpful reminder of how the secular […]

We are all criminals

Middle-class shoppers who have been hit by the recession are stealing hundreds of millions of pounds of expensive food in an effort to maintain their high standard of living, according to a new survey. Quality cuts of meat, fresh fish and high-priced cheeses are being taken by mostly middle-class women from specialty food and convenience […]

What’s Goin’ On in the ‘Burbs? Hot Fuzz!

The movie I’m into more than any other right now, in the sense that I could basically watch it every night, is Hot Fuzz. Co-written and directed by Edgar Wright and co-written by and starring Simon Pegg (both of Shaun of the Dead fame), Hot Fuzz is an action/cop/buddy spoof that itself serves as a […]

An Obituary for the Rev. William Shergold: Biker Priest

In the days when clergymen were treated not merely with deference but often reverence, the sight of the Rev William Shergold in motorcycle leathers mixing with rockers and fellow bikers in a greasy spoon on the North Circular before “doing a ton” around London’s desolate orbital road was distinctly incongruous. This was the late Fifties […]

Second Hand News

Some recent cyber-items of note from around the World-Wide-Web. An interesting article in First Things called Proclaiming the Good News, that talks about the descriptive/proscriptive hermeneutic from a Catholic perspective–this will probably fuel the urge in many to “swim the Tiber.” A discussion between Italian Philosopher Paolo Flores d’Arcais and Jürgen Habermas on the question […]