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Man on Wire

I watched this last night and I have never been so amazed at a story like this. Amazed in the sense of wonder and disbelief. This guy is just on a different plane than everyone else. Tightrope walking between the tops of the Twin Towers in NYC? It made me think of three things: 1) […]

An Unbeliveable Thing To Say

Yesterday I was reading a Times article. I almost fell out of my chair when I read this quote. “It is not possible for him to atone for all the damage he did,” the rabbi said, “and I don’t even think that there is a punishment that is commensurate with the crime, for the wreckage […]

Salem al Fakir

I saw a great Volvo commercial today that featured a song by Salem al Fakir. He is a Swedish pop star, and aside from the totally cool 80’s vibe, his songs are pretty good lyrically. Here’s one of my new favorites: ‘This is Who I Am’ How many days will it take for you to […]

John Donne and Reformation-Anglican spirituality

One of the main points of pastoral contention between Puritans, Catholics and Anglicans, at least during the turn of the 16th century, was over the question of “concupiscence,” or sin, remaining in the believer. Both the Catholics and the Puritans, although with different theological reasons, forced the Christian into a state of angst-ridden introspection. For […]

March Playlist

Last music-related post for a while, I promise: 1. Blast Off! – Rivers Cuomo2. Distant Dreamer – Duffy3. Nothing To Hide – Tommy James4. Waving Flags – British Sea Power5. Cancel Everything – Ron Wood6. Idle Hands – The Gutter Twins7. Last Train To London – ELO8. Killing The Blues – Robert Plant and Alison […]