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Glimmers of Hope: Food and the Common Mind

Seed Frenzies and Saving Grace

Adam Smith and the Nature of Heaven

This one comes to us from David Clay. Adam Smith, widely acknowledged as the father of modern economics, was first and foremost a moral philosopher by trade. Nearly two decades before Wealth of Nations (1776) revolutionized the world’s understanding of economics, Smith had established his philosophical reputation throughout Europe with The Theory of Moral Sentiments […]

The Good-Enough to Shame the Great

This one comes to us from our friend Robbie Sapunarich. In a recent op-ed for the New York Times, Avram Alpert writes, Ideals of greatness cut across the American political spectrum. Supporters of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and believers in Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again,” for instance, may find themselves at […]

The Great Things We’ll Accomplish in the Grave

We’ve all had influential people in our lives who remain unaware of the impact they had on us. An elementary school teacher who inspired us to dedicate our lives to educating others. An older friend of our family whose kindness and generosity we’ve tried to emulate. Maybe it’s a random stranger who, like a guardian […]

We’ve Always Gotta Do the Hard Thing

Remember when President Kennedy said that we were going to the moon not because it was easy, but because it was hard? Okay, I don’t either, but I’ve seen it on TV a bunch of times. That sentiment, though rousing, always seemed strange to me…I mean, why not do easy things? That way, we might […]

The Verbal Dynamics of Spiritual Cousins, or, The Trouble with Talking Theologically

Nothing’s lost. Or else: all is translation / And every bit of us is lost in it. —James Merrill, “Lost in Translation” A Simple Conversation It may be more strenuous to discuss theology with my theological cousin than with another with whom I have only a passing ideological kinship. Language simultaneously hides, reveals, and obscures differences in […]

The Distinctives, Part III

Article 12 of the 39 Articles of Religion… XII. Of Good Works. Albeit that Good Works, which are the fruits of Faith, and follow after Justification, cannot put away our sins, and endure the severity of God’s judgment; yet are they pleasing and acceptable to God in Christ, and do spring out necessarily of a […]

The Intolerable Message of Forgiveness

An official “Certificate of Debaptism,” is now available for download. By signing this certificate, over 100,000 people (according to the website) to date have declared that: I ________ having been subjected to the Rite of Christian Baptism in infancy (before reaching an age of consent), hereby publicly revoke any implications of that Rite and renounce […]