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Running to the Altar with Justin Bieber

This post comes to us from Alexander Sosler: Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper recently released a single called “Holy.” At first listen, I found my eyes glazing over with another “Jesus and me” love song put out by two well-meaning and sometimes profound popular artists. The refrain goes, “I feel so holy, holy, holy, […]

The Altar – George Herbert

A broken ALTAR, Lord, thy servant rears,
Made of a heart and cemented with tears;
Whose parts are as thy hand did frame;
No workman’s tool hath touch’d the same.
A HEART alone
Is such a stone,
As nothing but
Thy pow’r doth cut.
Wherefore each part
Of my hard heart
Meets in this frame
To praise thy name.
That if I chance to hold my peace,
These stones to praise thee may not cease.
Oh, let thy blessed SACRIFICE be mine,
And sanctify this ALTAR to be thine.

Video Premiere: For The Songless Hearts on Easter

Very excited about this opportunity: It is our distinct privilege to present to you the video premiere of “For the Songless Hearts,” the latest song by the celebrated musical duo, Jon & Valerie Guerra:

“Thy mouth was open, but thou couldst not sing.” – George Herbert, “Death

There’s a lot of hubbub around Easter weekend in churches. And for good reason. But our hearts can’t always cooperate with the prescribed mood of the Easter season: “Celebrate! Be happy! Sing!” Sometimes the last thing we are able to do is sing. Thankfully, Good Friday and Easter are not about mustering a mood. Good Friday and Easter are about remembering that there is One who meets us in our life and meets us in our death. He sings for us — and over us — when we can’t.

“For the Songless Hearts” is now available to purchase or stream. For more information, about the project, read Jon’s recent Mockingbird post here; check out Jon and Valerie’s website here, and follow them on social media here and here.

Death – George Herbert

Death, thou wast once an uncouth hideous thing,
Nothing but bones,
The sad effect of sadder groans:
Thy mouth was open, but thou couldst not sing.

tumblr_l5u25b1LfY1qac76ro1_500For we considered thee as at some six
Or ten years hence,
After the loss of life and sense,
Flesh being turned to dust, and bones to sticks.

We looked on this side of thee, shooting short;
Where we did find
The shells of fledge souls left behind,
Dry dust, which sheds no tears, but may extort.

But since our Savior’s death did put some blood
Into thy face,
Thou art grown fair and full of grace,
Much in request, much sought for as a good.

For we do now behold thee gay and glad,
As at Doomsday;
When souls shall wear their new array,
And all thy bones with beauty shall be clad.

Therefore we can go die as sleep, and trust
Half that we have
Unto an honest faithful grave;
Making our pillows either down, or dust.

As Long As You Love Me: Impulsive Tweets, Indecision, and Longing for Absolution

The relationship between Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees is a drama-filled one. Earlier last week, A-Rod tweeted about his being medically cleared to play baseball again, after undergoing rehab for a serious hip injury. Yankees owner, Brian Cashman, wasn’t exactly thrilled about A-Rod’s impulsive tweet, and told’s Andrew Marchand that Alex should, […]

And I Was Alive (With a Shard of Glass in the Gut): A Week with Christian Wiman

What a rare and inspiring privilege it was to be with poet and author Christian Wiman last week. I for one am still reeling–don’t know how it could have possibly been any richer. Thankfully, like his poetry in Every Riven Thing and his prose in My Bright Abyss, the talks he gave here in Charlottesville […]

Holy Baptism – George Herbert

‘As he that sees a dark and shady grove, Stays not, but looks beyond it on the sky So when I view my sins, mine eyes remove More backward still, and to that water fly, Which is above the heav’ns, whose spring and rent Is in my dear Redeemer’s pierced side. O blessed streams! either […]

George Herbert – Easter Wings 1

Lord, who createdst man in wealth and store       Though foolishly he lost the same,            Decaying more and more,                    Till he became                        Most poor:         […]

The Holdfast – George Herbert

I threaten’d to observe the strict decree
  Of my dear God with all my power and might;
  But I was told by one, it could not be;
Yet I might trust in God to be my light.

Then will I trust, said I, in him alone.
  Nay, ev’n to trust in him, was also his:
  We must confess, that nothing is our own.
Then I confess that he my succor is.

But to have nought is ours, not to confess
  That we have nought. I stood amaz’d at this,
  Much troubled, till I heard a friend express
That all things were more ours by being his.
  What Adam had, and forfeited for all,
  Christ keepeth now, who cannot fail or fall.


Hospitality, Manners and Grace in George Herbert’s “Love (III)”

From George Herbert, Anglican priest (1593-1633): Love (III) Love bade me welcome, yet my soul drew back, Guilty of dust and sin. But quick-ey’d Love, observing me grow slack From my first entrance in, Drew nearer to me, sweetly questioning If I lack’d anything. “A guest,” I answer’d, “worthy to be here”; Love said, “You […]

Giddiness – George Herbert

Clearly Herbert’s been reading everyone’s favorite columnist… ht JAZ:

O, what a thing is man! How far from power,
From settled peace and rest!
He is some twenty sev’ral men at least
Each sev’ral hour.

One while he counts of heav’n, as of his treasure:
But then a thought creeps in,
And calls him coward, who for fear of sin
Will lose a pleasure.

Now he will fight it out, and to the wars;
Now eat his bread in peace,
And snudge in quiet: now he scorns increase;
Now all day spares.

He builds a house, which quickly down must go,
As if a whirlwind blew
And crushed the building: and it’s is partly true,
His mind is so.

O what a sight were Man, if his attires
Did alter with his mind;
And like a Dolphin’s skin, his clothes combined
With his desires!

Surely, if each one saw another’s heart,
There would be no commerce,
No sale or bargain pass: all would disperse.
And live apart.

Lord, mend or rather make us: one creation
Will not suffice our turn:
Except thou make us daily, we shall spurn
Our own salvation.

4.5 Links 4 The Weekend

1. This weekend sees the release of the comedy I Love You, Man, starring Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. Having been a serious Segel fan since his days on Freaks And Geeks (top-five TV series ever!), I am considerably more excited for his next project – writing and producing the new Muppet movie. An early […]