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From The New Yorker

When Football Is Over, It Begins

Last week my 27-year-old son said, to no one in particular, “Nine days until camp.” I knew he meant training camp for many football players. He was once 290 pounds, a First-Team All-Conference Offensive Guard at a Division III college. He is now 205 pounds and runs marathons and Tough Mudders, and may yet do […]

The Flabbiness of Grace; or, How I Found the Gospel at a Pure Barre Class

On a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon I ventured out of the warmth and safety of my home and headed out with two friends to a new destination. Upon arrival, we were greeted by name-tagged women with perfectly made-up hair and faces, who swiftly presented us with goodie bags, carefully tied with colorful ribbon. We checked […]

My Church Is Not CrossFit

I cannot do CrossFit. I’m not being sarcastic. I really wish I could, but a medical condition prevents me from taking part in the Workout of the Day (WoD). I have many friends that swear by CrossFit. They find it meets a multitude of needs, both physical and social. When I was newly ordained and working on a […]

The Law, My Apple Watch, and Booze Cruise Breakthroughs

This one comes to us from Scott Dalton. Scott, you can still close all 3 [fitness] rings today. Go for a brisk, 40-minute walk, and be sure to stand and move a bit each hour.” “All three of your [fitness] rings are usually farther along by now. You’ve got time to get back on track.” […]

From The Onion: New Nike Running App Tells You What You’re Really Running From

And then, one Friday morning in February, a front-runner for Onion article of the year emerged, pun intended, ht BJ:

Another Week Ends: Health As Wealth, A New(ish) Take on Addiction, More DFW, Cellular Dependence, and Francis I

1. Whatever form the Law takes, dictated by fickle zeitgeist, it leaves behind a few years later. Forms can be remarkably inconsistent among different demographics, and after we finally escape one form of (little-l) law, we look back and scorn it, wondering how we (or anyone else) ever could’ve gotten so attached to it. For example, masculinity: […]

Salvation by Sweat Alone

An uncannily resonant follow-up to Evan’s recent post about the Church of CrossFit appeared in the NY Times Magazine this past weekend, courtesy of Mbird fave Heather Havrilesky. “Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness?” she asks, and her answers are nearly identical to our own, i.e. we are all deeply religious, and a […]

House of Yoga, Church of CrossFit: Filling the Spiritual Void With Exercise

Fight club isn’t about winning or losing fights. Fight club isn’t about words. […] There’s hysterical shouting in tongues like at church, and when you wake up Sunday afternoon you feel saved. -Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club In an effort to fill the void, many Americans are beginning their search not in the pew but in […]

Repping it Out: Secular Puritans and Eschatological Fitness

Usually this time of year, gym signups soar to an all-year high and hundreds of latent members suddenly become two-hours-a-day gymgoers. The one in my town had to post guidelines for when people should come because it’s so busy; when asked why the gym had taken on so many members, the man casually intimated that […]

I Don’t Do It, But I Believe in It

Image thanks to Nikki.