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A Prayer for Grandparents Day

My Children’s Grief and Sorrow are not Mine to Buffer. I Can Only Share Them.

Another Week Ends: A Darth Vader Nativity, Holiday Blues, Christmas Hope, the Star of the Magi, & the Parable of a Dirty Sock

1. Every year, the Vatican erects a different nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square. They’re kind of a big deal. Past displays have been politically themed, while others were more traditionally beautiful. But the chosen scene this year is causing quite the stir. Including a fire extinguisher, ring-wraith figurine, and an astronaut helmet, the New […]

Before and After the Sun: God’s Eternal Light

From the Beginning to the Middle to the End of Creation, God is the Source of all Light

July 4th, Sufjan, and the Wake-up Call of Death

We’re All Gonna Die with Sufjan Stevens and Tim Keller

A Grave Burden

You Can Carry Your Memories, and God Can Carry You

Another Week Ends: Christ the Physician, Lincoln’s Grace, Music for Hope, Personal Annihilation, and Night of the Living Karens

Alleluia! Christ being raised from the dead will never die again; death no longer has dominion over him. The death that he died, he died to sin, once for all; but the life he lives, he lives to God. So goes the Pascha Nostrum, an old hymn that Christians have sung for centuries. The liturgical […]

Casket Clarity: The Muse in a Time of Chaos

When Music Delivers Truth

Death and Life Under the Mark of Cain

The Best Bad News We Could Receive

The Body and the Coffin

All this Cheerfulness Keeps Getting in the Way of Us All Being Properly, Deeply Sad

Because It Rains: Why Kobe Bryant’s Death Hit So Hard & Wide

Why Has a Death like that of Kobe Bryant Hit So Many So Very Hard?

Reconciling Sorrow with Grace in Noname’s “Telefone”

“The Dreams of Granny in Mansion and Happy / The Little Things I Need to Save My Soul.”

What Could Be Creepier

This one comes to us from Juliette Alvey. I could never be a hunter. This is not a moral judgment but rather a statement about my squeamishness. I was just driving home and saw a raccoon get hit by the car in front of me. I felt my gut wrench as the animal lay still […]