In Remembrance

A Communion Poem

Mockingbird / 7.15.22

A stirring poem on communion by Jennifer Reeser, published in her book Winterproof (which is unfortunately out of print):

In Remembrance

Since You were not bashful to break the bread,
Sown in the barren, of seedless wheat,
Since You did not shirk from feeding the dead,
I, too, Kyrié, will eat.

And as You were bold to spill the glass
Fermented in groves of hematic wine,
Though the sanguine liquid is no demi-tasse,
That sweat and blood will be mine.

So, as You arose in bread without yeast,
With the vision of me in Your eyes,
We will drain that cup at our marital feast,
And I, for You, will rise.

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