Another Week Ends

1. John Shore’s follow-up to his Huffington Post piece, “How My Wife Took The News […]

David Zahl / 5.14.10

1. John Shore’s follow-up to his Huffington Post piece, “How My Wife Took The News Of My Sudden Conversion”. It should be noted that Mr. Shore published a book in 2007 with the killer title: “I’m OK-You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending To Non-Believers And Why We Should Stop”. Along those lines, it’s worth taking a look at his post “What Non-Christians Want Christians To Hear”.

2. Fascinating report from the San Fracisco Chronicle about behavior on Facebook and LinkedIn. Turns out both networks employ scientists whose sole job it is to track and analyze our behavior… With a particular focus on happiness:

“You can have a very statistical picture of how the happiness of an entire population of people is changing over time,” said Marlow, 33. “We might not be able to really detect your happiness very well, but when we add all those up, we get a very clear picture of what the entire country is feeling.”

The index shows the happiest days are holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Sporting events, such as the Super Bowl and World Cup soccer matches, generate peaks and valleys. Michael Jackson’s untimely death caused a “very negative” day, [Cameron Marlow, manager of the “data science team” for Palo Alto’s Facebook Inc.] said.

Becoming engaged makes women less happy. “Maybe this is the effect of having to plan a wedding,”  Marlow said. “While the process of being engaged is stressful for women, once you’re married, then in general, you’re less negative than you were before. But if you’re a man, then something else changes, it increases the negativity. These fit the gender stereotypes so perfectly that it’s almost uncanny.”