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Mockingbird / 5.28.20
Drum roll please!!!
We are thrilled to announce that StoryMakers’ next kidzine has arrived and is available through the online shop! After the adventures of Creation and The Flood, you can continue the journey through the new zine…The Stars.

Have you ever considered how complicated it would be to explain to your friends, let alone children, the accounts of Abraham and Sarah or Jacob and Esau?

Where does one begin? You have Abraham, who lies on numerous occasions to protect himself at the expense of his wife. Sarah was no saint herself, turning Hagar, her slave, over to Abraham to bear a son because she didn’t believe what God had promised. Then, of course, there is Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot, and the sacrifice of Isaac, which then leads us to one of the most dysfunctional sibling rivalries of all time…Jacob and Esau. You may begin to think you’re reading a Game of Thrones script rather than the Bible itself.

Here is where StoryMakers comes in: They have interwoven the stories of Abraham’s family in order to illuminate God’s redemptive thread, pointing children to the promises of God all while sharing the hard bits too. Through illustrations, fun facts, and art, children (and grown-ups) will encounter how God works through the broken lives of ordinary people. When children dive into Zine 3, they will discover how God brings promises together despite the brokenness of Abraham and his descendants.

Jump into The Stars and discover how God redeems families despite the wounds and brokenness that befalls us.

  • Zine Three explores the accounts of Genesis 12-34 over 12 weeks and includes art, fun facts, fun masks, and social-emotional connectors. There are plenty of details to dig deep and make deeper connections. Use the code STARS and receive 10% off your next purchase.
  • The Guide helps grown-ups navigate the complicated narratives of Abraham’s family. Sometimes it feels impossible to know where to begin. Our guide is here to support parents and church leaders. The Guide includes: Field Notes, Thoughts to Ponder, History, and Activity instruction.
  • The Memory Cards are visual prompts to turn memorization into a fun game. Scripture is meant to encourage us and carry us through the challenging moments of life. Order this set of memory cards and prompt hope in the midst of chaos. Each card is visually compelling with cues to help your StoryMakers discover God’s redemptive narrative.
  • The Playbook is tailored to help children enjoy the adventure by retelling the story for themselves. Jump into character with face masks (included), costumes, and play all the parts to get to know the story.
  • Adventure Three can be purchased as a Starter Kit. Each kit includes 5 Zines, 2 Guides, 1 Memory Card Set, Visuals, and 2 Playbooks. Every piece enhances the StoryMaker experience and will bring Genesis to life.


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