Very excited about this opportunity: It is our distinct privilege to present to you the video premiere of “For the Songless Hearts,” the latest song by the celebrated musical duo, Jon & Valerie Guerra:

“Thy mouth was open, but thou couldst not sing.” – George Herbert, “Death

There’s a lot of hubbub around Easter weekend in churches. And for good reason. But our hearts can’t always cooperate with the prescribed mood of the Easter season: “Celebrate! Be happy! Sing!” Sometimes the last thing we are able to do is sing. Thankfully, Good Friday and Easter are not about mustering a mood. Good Friday and Easter are about remembering that there is One who meets us in our life and meets us in our death. He sings for us — and over us — when we can’t.

“For the Songless Hearts” is now available to purchase or stream. For more information, about the project, read Jon’s recent Mockingbird post here; check out Jon and Valerie’s website here, and follow them on social media here and here.