Episode 138: Lobo’s Dating Tips for Christian Guys

3567This is a small exercise in Camp, a sort of “Visit to a Small Planet”. The text is the singles of Lobo. They are so “nuanced”, in terms of romantic relationships, that it’s hard to believe they were ever hits. But they were!

You could also say that this is a further note on “Notes from the Underground (River)”, the lecture series recently released by Mockingbird.

I had to leave out one of Lobo’s best songs, by the way, because it is just too heartbreaking. But you will hear “Don’t Expect Me To Be Your Friend” and “She Didn’t Do Magic”. (Don’t forget O. Newton-John’s “Magic”, by the way. It’s coming from the other side. Or is it the same side? I think it’s the same side.)

Should I maybe try to do “Bread” next time?

Episode 139: Journey with Boo, Me and You

It’s that surgical song, which I mentioned before: “How Can I Tell Her”.

Yet it’s a song that bespeaks sympathy. Sympathy here would be the golden key, and I believe Lobo has the key, maybe even the “clarifying agent”, of self-reflection.

We’re on a journey now, a journey in company with the Hero of Psalm 139. He arrived just in time for the cast, and for the man, too. (Isn’t this wild?)

Don’t mind the Galsworthy and the Cozzens. “Can’t Help Myself” (Four Tops). I do think Galsworthy found his answer. Not sure Cozzens did.

I feel hopeful the character in the song is on the verge of a happier solution. I’m in prayer for him. Please join me i.p.