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PZ’s Podcast: Lobo’s Dating Tips for Christian Guys and Journey with Boo, Me and You

Episode 138: Lobo’s Dating Tips for Christian Guys This is a small exercise in Camp, a sort of “Visit to a Small Planet”. The text is the singles of Lobo. They are so “nuanced”, in terms of romantic relationships, that it’s hard to believe they were ever hits. But they were! You could also say […]

PZ’s Podcast: Love in the First Degree

EPISODE 132 We’ve got to move forward, just got to. “Come on, feet, don’t fail me now.” Even in isolation we’ve got to move forward, tho’ it’s better to move forward with colleagues and friends, and “thinking together” people, like the great Kreisau Circle of 1944 and ’45. Sometimes you can’t help being alone as […]

PZ’s Podcast: Now What?, Amberley Wildbrooks, Hotel Taft, Dissociated Chef d’Oeuvre, First Infinite Frost, and Victor Hugo

Episode 125: Now What? You’ve got to see the Blu Ray of “The Egyptian” (1954). Not just because it displays a certain kind of ‘high water mark’ for the Hollywood studio system and its visual and musical artistry. But also because it enshrines a kind of deep insight that a person simply cannot shake after […]

PZ’s Podcast: Hold That Ghost, Worst That Could Happen (Zwingli), Saint’s Progress, and Done

Episode 121: Hold That Ghost Love cannot exist in a context of fear. It can only exist in a context of freedom. Similarly, freedom issues in love — not in using. This cast is a rumination on freedom in relation to love. It’s intangible, freedom; and not substantial. Just try to Hold That Ghost! It […]

The One Constant Element (According to John Galsworthy)

About a month ago, we posted a reflection on a stunning illustration of saving grace that occurs in John Galsworthy’s The Forsyte Saga. Those who attended this past weekend’s conference in Charlottesville know that Galsworthy won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932 “for his distinguished art of narration which takes its highest form in […]

Falling Paintings, Infallible Instincts, and Atoning Sacrifices in The Forsyte Saga

As we’re finding out, sometimes late in the game, fiction can shed light on the Gospel in fresh ways, sometimes ways so fresh they almost seem more persuasive than straight theology. An example of this is the denouement of John Galsworthy’s famous series of novels that is entitled The Forsyte Saga, the last section of […]