Here they are! As you can see, we are offering the recordings of the conference for free again this year. Which we are very excited to do and plan to continue doing as long as it’s feasible. They are a gift! That said, we ask those that did not attend the conference this year to consider making a donation to Mockingbird to help cover the cost of putting it on. Not to worry, there will be no follow-up or regulation – think of it as a Radiohead-style pay-whatever-you-deem-appropriate situation. If you find them to be of value that is… Enjoy:

WELCOME.  “Mockingbird = Elvis” – David Zahl.
TALK 1.  “The Word Made Verb: The Rescue of Imputation” – C. FitzSimons Allison. Intro by David Browder. Text.
TALK 2.  “The Good News Of The Bound Will and Q&A” – Rod Rosenbladt. Intro by Tom Becker.
TALK 3.  “The Courage To Trust and Q&A” – C. FitzSimons Allison. Intro by Robin Anderson.
TALK 4.  “Experiencing The Spirit In Failure and In Love and Q&A” – Simeon Zahl. Intro by Todd Brewer.
TALK 5.  “Justification: Freedom Based On What Is True and Q&A” – Rod Rosenbladt. Intro by Jacob Smith.
TALK 6.  “Closing Panel Discussion and Q&A” – C. FitzSimons Allison, Rod Rosenbladt and Simeon Zahl. Moderated by Aaron Zimmerman.

BREAKOUT 1.  “God Gave Rock N Roll To You” – Aaron Zimmerman and David Zahl (Note: the recording is incomplete – full text coming soon).
BREAKOUT 2.  “Listening In A Word Of Talk” – Linda Murchison and Mary Zahl. Text. Handouts.
BREAKOUT 3.  “Mockingbird At The Movies” – Nick Lannon. Handout – Clip List.
BREAKOUT 4.  “Two Words Radio Live!” – Sean Norris, Jacob Smith and guests.

OTHER. Book Table List.