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The Tenth Annual Mockingbird NYC Conference: 10 Years of Grace

Hard to believe that the 2017 Spring Conference will be our 10th annual get-together in New York City. It happens April 27-29, 2017 and you are warmly invited. Registration is now open! We’re so excited we produced a video about it:

We would love to see you there. Get your tickets here

Earlybird prices expire at the end of the year.

P.S. Just over two weeks til Oklahoma City! Click here for more info about this *free* event.

Grace in the Grind: THIS WEEK in Oklahoma City! 10/28-29

Couldn’t be more excited to announce our Fall Conference in Oklahoma City (10/28-29), pre-registration for which is now open. Details below.


The never-ending bustle of the 24/7 workplace. The three-places-at-once gymnastics of the after-school carpool. The siren’s call of the smartphone screen. The ever-quickening treadmill of doctors’ appointments. Whatever the stage of life, our daily grind has become inescapably breathless. There are simply not enough hours in the day!

We invite you to take a breather with us this October (28-29) in Oklahoma City as we explore how the Christian faith addresses a world overfilled with expectation and obligation, hurt and division. The emphasis, as always, will be on where the comfort and reprieve of the Gospel meets us where we actually live–in places that matter (and some that don’t).

To help, we’ve assembled a truly wonderful group of speakers. The conference kicks off at 1pm on Friday, October 28th at All Souls Episcopal Church, extends through dinner that evening, ending just before lunch on the Saturday the 29th. We’re putting the final touches on the full schedule, so check back in soon for that update. If past events are anything to go by, it is sure to be a spirit-lifting time, jam-packed with grace, laughter, and delicious food. We hope you’ll join us.

Best of all, like the grace of God, this conference is entirely free! Just be sure to pre-register ASAP so we can plan accordingly.

Only if it’s not another thing to stress over, that is.



Control and Freedom. Two words that dominate the emotional, spiritual and cultural landscape. Also two words that many of us spend our lives chasing after, mistaking one for the other, or believing they go hand-in-hand. Yet how friendly are these terms? What is the actual relation between freedom and personal control? Please join us this […]

Another Week Ends: Galli on Resolutions, Anger at God, Last Words, Sex & Marriage, Geek Culture, Jonny

1. The final word on the New Year from 2011 Mockingbird Conference speaker Mark Galli over at Christianity Today, in his column “Blessed Are the Poor in Virtue”: At the risk of derailing someone’s hard fought New Year’s vows, let me suggest that some of us stop trying to become good Christians, or whatever noble […]


Here they are! As you can see, we are offering the recordings of the conference for free again this year. Which we are very excited to do and plan to continue doing as long as it’s feasible. They are a gift! That said, we ask those that did not attend the conference this year to […]


The talk titles for our upcoming NYC conference have been finalized. We could not be more excited about them. Truly: Thursday April 15thBishop FitzSimons Allison – “The Word Made Verb: The Rescue of Imputation” Friday April 16th Dr. Rod Rosenbladt – “Martin Luther And The Bound Will: Good News?” Bishop FitzSimons Allison – “The Courage […]


April 15-17th at St George’s Church in NYC Speakers (thus far): Bishop FitzSimons Allison, Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, Dr. Simeon Zahl Theme: “Guilt, Forgiveness and Freedom” Blurb/Pitch: Guilt, Forgiveness and Freedom are three words which carry enormous weight and power. They color our relationships (to put it mildly), they drive our decision-making, they inform many/most of […]

Steven Paulson at the MBird Conference 2009

“God is so jealous for you that He will kill you to get you.”

Referring to God’s killing work in our lives putting to death our sinful and rebellious selves on the cross with Jesus Christ in order to raise us completely anew out of nothing.

Unknown Caller

On my way back from NYC I was rocking out to the new U2 album, trying to stay awake, and got stuck listening to this song over an over again. It made me think of Steve Paulson’s – and the Bible’s – words about death and resurrection, forgiveness of sins, and Jesus saying, “Go home” […]

4.5 Links 4 The Weekend

1. This weekend sees the release of the comedy I Love You, Man, starring Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. Having been a serious Segel fan since his days on Freaks And Geeks (top-five TV series ever!), I am considerably more excited for his next project – writing and producing the new Muppet movie. An early […]