Handouts and book table list now included! You can download everything individually or as a whole. Hopefully the file sizes are somewhat manageable. Again, while we are making everything available for free, if you were not able to attend and would like to contribute to the cost of putting the event on, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to everyone who took part!

1. Opening Sermon and Address – Justin Holcomb
2. Relationships in the Bible, Part 1 and Q&A – Steven Paulson
3a. Grace In Addiction – Kate Norris and John Zahl

3b. Grace In Romantic Relationships/Marriage – Sean Norris

3c. Grace And The Self – Bonnie Zahl

4. Grace in Family Life and Q&A: The New Recipe – Dorothy Martyn

5. Afternoon Q&A – Steven Paulson

6. Grace in Literature: Abreaction in Art – Paul Zahl

7. Relationships in the Bible, Part 2 and Q&A – Steven Paulson

8. Closing Address – Paul Walker

HANDOUTS: Grace In Addiction quotes, Grace In Literature excerpts, Grace And The Self outline, Book Table List