In the most recent edition of Paste Magazine there is a fabulous review of a fabulous new album produced by the fabulous Sufjan Stevens. The album is called Welcome to the Welcome Wagon by the band The Welcome Wagon. The interesting thing about this band is the fact that it is made up of a married couple who are church planters in Brooklyn, and the album is unabashedly Christian. Their names are Vito and Monique Aiuto, and their church is Resurrection Presbyterian Churchin Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Vito’s own description of the album, “All these songs are about blood and death and ‘Jesus is my friend’ – those are all things we think are true.”

Since the review is not available online yet, I thought I’d leave you with the last and best paragraph:

But if you’re beaten down by life, in need of faith and music that affirms it, they’ll do their best to welcome you in. True to its name, the album is the sound of two faithful people opening their home, and singing songs to encourage themselves and others. It’s not much more complicated than that. “There’s no veneer,” Stevens says. “It’s a Presbyterian ordained minister and his wife, playing religious songs. Take it or leave it.”

I just received my copy in the mail yesterday, and it is (as you might have guessed) FABULOUS! I highly recommend it. You can get your copy here.