Mockingbird Interview on The Internet Monk

Check out what just went up over at (one of our favorite websites ever) […]

David Zahl / 7.29.09

Check out what just went up over at (one of our favorite websites ever) – a little interview with yours truly about our ministry.

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7 responses to “Mockingbird Interview on The Internet Monk”

  1. John Zahl says:

    Nice Dave! He has some very encouraging things to say about Mockingbird in his introduction. I especially like:

    "I’ve been enjoying the blog and all the resources available at Mockingbird, and I believe we’re looking at the ground floor of something very important and significant: the beginnings of a significant voice that balances engagement of the culture at many levels- not just as fans, but as thoughtful communicators and observers- with Lutheran flavored Reformation Christianity."

  2. themasterstable says:

    Your ministry seems to be growing in every direction already, but a shout out from InternetMonk never hurt anybody. He's very humble about it, but is certainly one of the "biggies" in Christian blogging. He's sent traffic my way a time or two, and I can see I-Monk and Mockingbird being a good pairing. I'm glad to have been introduced to you at any rate.

  3. Jacob says:

    The posts over at I.M. are also very encouraging.

  4. justin holcomb says:

    That interview described Mbird so well. It really reflects the ethos and content. Ive been following and appreciating the insights from iMonk for a few years so it's cool to see his take on Mbird.

  5. Jeff Hual says:

    Wow, Dave…I learned a lot about MB from that myself! And I will be looking forward to Fall 2010…

  6. DZ says:

    The only thing i wish i'd added was in the "touchstone" section. that is, the mbird within me wanted to add some fiction/film/music: woody allen's Stardust Memories, the Big Book by AA, The Cocktail Party by TS Eliot, Mockingbird by Derek Webb, Les Miserables, Freud's Introductory Lectures, Dylan's Oh Mercy, Mystery and Manners by Flannery O'Connor and probably Whit Stillman's Barcelona. And definitely Theophilus North by Thornton Wilder.


  7. Jeff Hual says:

    DZ, that's a very interesting list…but let the interview lead people to the blog, and they will experience woody allen's Stardust Memories, etc. by full immersion.

    Incidentally, I already noticed a couple of iMonk commentors commenting on Sean's Semi-Pelagianism post!

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