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When You Live in Hawaii, You’re Not Allowed to Complain

When you live in Hawaii, you are not allowed to complain. We lived there for over 5 years, and whenever I complained about anything, people would respond sarcastically, “Must be tough living in Hawaii.” If I said anything negative about living there such as the cost of living or the size of parking lots or […]

I’ll Go With You

This one comes to us from Juliette Alvey. Moving through life can feel like a series of battles. You get through one just to face another. You win some, you lose some. We use battle language with all sorts of issues: cancer, depression, or just getting the kids dressed and in the car. Some battles last […]

We’re All Right? Phil Harvey Spector, “Sign of the Times”, and the Horror of Pop

The following was written by our friend, Rachel Gaffin. A version of this article was originally published in The Ruckus last September. The year my brother Richard discovered rock and roll, his Christmas gifts shared a common theme: one uncle bought him a giant red Visual Dictionary of Rock and Roll; another bought him a set […]