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Control: A Conference Primer

“Mother, I tried, please believe meI’m doing the best I can,I’m ashamed of the things I’ve been put through,I’m ashamed of the person I am.Isolation, Isolation, Isolation.” When Sam Riley, as Joy Division’s tragic lead singer Ian Curtis, drones out these lyrics in Corbijn’s 2007 film, Control, he’s sequestered to a recording room padded off […]

My Mom Lied to Me

You probably heard it when you were a kid, too: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Our moms said this so that the merciless taunts might be forgotten. Though well-meaning, it’s just not true. A good friend, and frequent contributor to this blog, once amended the platitude: “Sticks […]

Mindfulness Therapy and The Quicksand of Internal Judgment

Fantastic article in today’s Wall Street Journal about the new “wave” of cognitive-behavioral therapy known as mindfulness. Its understanding of the counterproductive power of (internal) judgment is pretty darn eerie. Not only that, but as a school of thought, it appears to recognize the futility of information as a change agent, as well as the […]

JAZ’s Faves of 2010

A quick wracking of the brain brings these picks to mind (in alphabetical order): Films: The Book of Eli. On the bible: “Don’t you see? It’s not a book, it’s a weapon!”Get Low. Love Robert Duvall! Deep, moving, forgiveness and the lack of it, telling the whole story once again. Plus, Bill Murray is so […]

Some Favorite Christmas Entertainments

Some things I eagerly anticipate every Christmas: Die HardNever was I happier than last year, Christmas 2009, when I came home from doing our final Christmas Eve service (probably around 11:45pm) to find my family wrapping presents and just starting Die Hard in my living room. Nothing puts me in the mood more than hearing […]

No Laughing Allowed

OK, to be honest, I am a movie/TV nerd, and everything I know about football comes from watching Friday Night Lights. If you actually threw a football at me I’d be more likely to duck than catch it. But I ran into this story over the weekend and would really love to hear what you […]

Another Week Ends: Cyber Bullies, eBay, Glenn Beck, FUNdamentals, Madonna, TV roundup

1. A quick study in opposites: In an NPR story about the rise of cyber-bullying and public humiliation, “It’s Not the Web, It’s Us” sociologist C.J. Pascoe wisely states, ‘we shouldn’t place all the blame for [cyber-bully] actions on new technology. ‘I think the problem starts pre-technology, which is, what are the motivations we have […]

Must-See TV, The Fourth Wall and Narcissism

From Mockingbird behind-the-scenes guru Jeff Dean: It’s official: the fourth wall no longer exists in NBC’s Thursday night’s “must-see” line-up. The returning shows are the most flagrant examples. On Community, Abed constantly references what it means to be a sitcom. Thursday he critiqued the episode as a season premiere. 30 Rock is already a TV […]

The Batchelorette and "That Guy"

[Disclaimer: I’m a dude. I mean really a dude. I love football, BBQ, and Braveheart. I roll 6’5, 235, but I do watch The Bachelorette with my wife.]  Many of us are making our way through the guilty pleasure of The Bachelorette: Season 6. If you have watched a few seasons of The Bachelorette (I […]

The Mountain Goats sing Romans 10:9

Just this week on Pitchfork TV, director Rian Johnson’s (Brick, Brothers Bloom) documentary about The Mountain Goats, The Life Of The World To Come, is streaming. We highly recommend checking it out – it’s not available anywhere else. The doc features a performance of every song from their recent record (of the same name), every song of which was based on a different Bible verse. Here’s the clip of John Darnielle playing the one for Romans 10:9. You can read the lyrics here. They’re great.

Another Week Ends: Soccer, Toy Story 3, John Ratzenberger, Narnia, Step One, Self-Proclaimed Messiahs, Stars

1. An interesting conversation/editorial about “A World Cup Mentality” over at the NY Times between David Brooks and Gail Collins. One particularly relevant soundbite (ht TB): We in this country prefer pastimes that are rational and quantifiable. Football plays can be drawn up in a playbook and baseball lends itself to statistical analysis. Americans prefer […]

Hold It! The Hold Steady Have a New Album

What are you doing on Tuesday? Well add this to your list: buying The Hold Steady‘s new album, the tantalizingly-titled Heaven is Whenever (The cover art features a hand raised in… praise?). This band is one of our favorites here at Mockingbird, and for good reason. Check out this staggering lyrical nugget from “How a […]