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A Tennis-Ball-Shaped Anvil (and Other Things That Weigh on Us)

“Advantage, Service, Fault, Break, Love, … Every Match Is a Life in Miniature.”

Not Yet: Serena Williams and Delayed Forgiveness

“I’m sorry.” “I forgive you.” These are two sentences that I find myself constantly demanding of my children…and I find that whether or not they mean them is immaterial. It’s like that great line in Liar Liar when Jim Carrey’s asking his son to recant his wish that his father would be unable to lie. […]

Tennis Gods and Failing Bodies

This one comes to us from Lindsey Hepler.  When I was eighteen years old, during that awkward summer between graduating from high school and starting college, I took a trip to London with my parents. By a stroke of luck and happenstance, my two sisters were away on their own adventures, so I got to […]

The Precise Moment of John McEnroe’s Fall from Greatness

If I could do it all over again, I would have chosen tennis as my sport. It’s not that I regret my experiences in team sports like baseball and water polo, or that I don’t see how much more potent they are than individual sports when it comes to making memories and teaching larger-life-lessons. In […]

The Wonderfully Puzzling Honesty of Early Retirement

For sports fans, retirement is a sensitive subject. Early retirement is particularly touchy though. As fans, we long to see our favorite players exercise their talent for as long as possible. Early retirement usually occurs as a result of something rather serious, like an injury or a crime–it rarely happens by way of a willful decision. […]

Perfect Tennis, Clever Students, and Mozartesque Semi-Colons (Plus)

Federer v. Nadal in Australia: A Live Blog

Here’s what went down when Roger Federer met Rafael Nadal in the first men’s semi-final of the Australian Open last night. First Set Federer wins the first three games of the first set, including a break of Nadal’s first service game, very easily. Most common Chris Fowler and Patrick McEnroe “analyis”: “Wow.” “Uh-huh.” “Yup.” Federer […]