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50 Years of Star Trek

Can’t let the day pass by without acknowledging it in some fashion. Would love for the Trekkers out there to weigh in with their favorite moments. For example:

A Brief Parenting Lesson from Mr. Spock

Like many people, I’m a huge fan of the original Star Trek. And I loved Spock. I loved his pointy ears and his earnestness. He was exotic, smart, and thoughtful. And my goodness, was he cool under pressure.

And so when I heard of Leonard Nimoy’s death, I knew that it was important to talk about how his Jewish Orthodox tradition impacted his boyhood and later informed the character of Spock. It is a wonderful story. I’ll let Nimoy speak for himself:

Sometimes, as religious people, we lose sight of how beautiful our traditions really are. We forget that they seep into our bones and show themselves at the least expected moments.

But Nimoy’s most important lesson here speaks to me as a mother. During worship I can often get caught up in what my children should be doing. And I forget that God is so present to them, regardless of if they are quiet or still. Despite my anxieties, my kids are getting exactly what they need. So thanks for this story, Mr. Spock. Let’s here it for the tiny rule breakers in our midst.

Another Week Ends: Reboot Treaties, Father’s Day, Tolkien’s Sorrowful Joy, 5 Minutes in a Mom’s Head, and Analyzing Analysts

1. We open this week with a less-than-implausible doomsday scenario envisioned by The Onion, a world in which reboot films will come to wreak havoc on civilization. Fortunately, the newssite reported this week that “Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Enter Talks To Reduce Stockpiles Of Unproduced Reboots”. More below: Conceding the time has come to limit the proliferation […]

The Many Jesus Complexes of Star Trek

Let Intern Thursday commence! This one comes from newest Mockingfledgling, Win Jordan. For those who haven’t seen Into Darkness yet, spoiler alert! The second installment of the reinvigorated Star Trek franchise hit screens on May 16th, raking in an impressive $86.7 million dollars in the domestic box office over its premiere weekend. Director J.J. Abrams […]

Reason’s Void and The Human EPS

Another scientific reminder that we, as cognitively organized beings, are less in control than we think we are. David Brooks’ The Social Animal follows the lives of two wedded archetypes, Erica and Harold, and their complicated, synaptic lives together. Along the way, though, Brooks delves into the science that makes them function the way they […]

Belated Mockingbird At The Movies: Star Trek, Tyson and The Brothers Bloom

It’s not often that three “summer” movies in a row live up to expectations, let alone surpass them. But that’s exactly what happened this past week in my little world. 1. Star Trek. At this point, I would call myself more of a J.J. Abrams fan than a Star Trek one. And I felt he […]

Another Week Ends: Dylan, Niebuhr, Star Trek, Stanley Fish and Green Day

1. Bob Dylan’s new record, Together Through Life, has left me a bit cold, which I’m chalking up to the fact that the lyrics were written with Robert Hunter (of Grateful Dead fame). But in his recent Rolling Stone interview, the master offered some characteristically profound thoughts on his identity: “I’ve never seen [Martin Scorsese’s […]

4 Potentially Amazing Movies Coming Out In The Next 6 Weeks

Star Trek. I had my doubts but the first reviews are in and they are astounding.

2. The Brothers Bloom. I loved Rian Johnson’s first movie, Brick, and this one has been getting raves at all the festivals. Incredible cast.

3. Anvil! The Story of Anvil. A real-life Spinal Tap, the London Times calls it the “greatest movie ever made about rock n roll”. The Slash connection alone makes it worth the $12.50.

4. Up. Has Pixar made a false move yet?!