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Hopelessly Devoted: 1 Samuel 8:9-22

This morning’s reflection comes from Leonard Finn, by way of the Mockingbird Devotional: But the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel; and they said, “No! but we will have a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may govern us and go out […]

Healthy Hearts, Smoldering Resentments, and the Starting Point of Compassion

Given the popularity of the section we posted from Paul Zahl’s Grace in Practice a few weeks ago on Competition in Marriage, here’s one that’s bound to be a little less popular… 😉 It can be found under the rather unsexy heading of “The Relation of the Un-Free Will to Compassion”–and yet it is one […]

Hello, May I Interest You in a Dissenting View of The Book of Mormon?

To the surprise of absolutely no one, The Book of Mormon cleaned up at the Tony Awards, winning the award for Best Musical, among others. Having actually seen it, I can report that The Book of Mormon deserves these awards – it’s a daring production, on pretty much every level, one that both embraces and […]

Do You Have a Zombie Plan? Part VII

We move in this installment from the fear of others to the fear of what is actually in our own hearts. Oprah had her last show the other day and, while I didn’t see it, my wife told me about it.  She said she had to turn the show off because Oprah’s insistence that the […]

The Law of the Greater Good and Bottom’s Up Theology

In the South Park episode about anti-smoking zealotry called “Butt-Out,” Cartman ends up running from a homicidal Rob Reiner who needs him to die in order to prove that second hand smoke kills. This is a classic example of South Park’s brilliant reductio ad absurdum, and can’t be recommended more highly. Sadly, I ran across […]

Top Five from the Past Decade

This has been a powerful and wonderful decade for me. I got married to an unbelievable woman, made lifetime friends at a very unlikely place, saw the resurgence of Alabama football, worked everywhere from political campaigns to banks to churches, and had a movement toward agnosticism arrested by hearing the Gospel in April of 2003. […]

Mormon Than A Feeling

I find the Mormon religion fascinating; I’ve been known to watch BYU TV for hours and am slowly making my way through the vast literature written about its church’s history and development. While it is (fairly) easy to point out some of Mormonism’s extremely questionable claims—see, for instance, South Park—I think that there are some […]

For Your Weekend Viewing Pleasure–Jesus People: The Movie

I can only hope that this movie signals the emergence of a newfound levity and self-deprecation among Christians, particularly among the “Evangelical” wing (of whom I consider myself a member). Perhaps this will equal the skewering brilliance of South Park’s Faith+1 without the sardonic edge—we’ll see. You can watch all 6 of the original shorts […]