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Up All Night With the One Who Never Sleeps

Reflections by a Pastor Who Chose a Heckuva Time to Lead a Church

Successful People Don’t Sleep

Steve Harvey is one of those pop-culture personalities so associated with his later-in-life career that his rise to fame is all but forgotten. If you asked the average millennial who Steve Harvey is and what does he do, the vast majority would tell you about his run as host of the daytime gameshow Family Feud. […]

A Sleep Poem by Wendell Berry

From the 1990 selection of Sabbath poems.

The body in the invisible
Familiar room accepts the gift
Of sleep, and for a while is still;
Instead of will, it lives by drift

In the great night that gathers up
The earth and sky. Slackened, unbent,
Unwanting, without fear or hope,
The body rests beyond intent.

Sleep is the prayer the body prays,
Breathing in unthought faith the Breath
That through our worry-wearied days
Preserves our rest, and is our truth.

For He Gives to His Beloved Sleep (Mode)

I recently heard on the radio a short program about the night sky. In it they talked about the millennia of writing and cultural expression that have come specifically from an encounter with the darkness of night. The show made the point to say that now, in the age of light pollution and skyglow, the […]

Striving in Our Sleep, or Resting to Work Better?

Talk about grist for the mill! Did you see Eve Fairbanks’ riff in this past Sunday’s NY Times Magazine, “When Did Sleep Become So Nightmarish?” Amazing stuff. She takes her own struggle with insomnia, what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have declared a full-blown “public-health epidemic”, and uses it as an entry point […]

The Insomnia Epidemic and Mother’s (New) Little Helper

The NY Times recently published a worthy rejoinder to all the recent hubbub about the Mancession with a look into what has become something of an epidemic of sleeplessness among American women, “Sleep Medication: Mother’s New Little Helper.” We’re fond on this site of using 3am mental traffic as a barometer of what’s really going […]