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Shock Value

This one was written by Nathan F. Elmore. Se7en, David Fincher’s 1995 somber thriller, showcases my third-favorite villainous film character. It’s a dubious ranking, to be sure. Nonetheless, for me, in second place: Heath Ledger’s terroristic turn as the kind of Joker who is not kidding about burning it all down in Christopher Nolan’s Batman […]

The Seventh Deadly Sin: A Conference Breakout Preview

This conference preview comes from Ted Scofield.  Of the Seven Deadly Sins, it’s the last one on our list. Number seven, at the bottom, out of sight, out of mind. Anger, pride, gluttony, laziness, lust and envy — we’ll cop to all of those sins, but greed? What? Who? Me? Research shows that most of us […]

People in Utah Aren’t Lusty?

You might think so, according to the picture at left. Here is a study by Kansas State University that claims to distribute the prevalence of the seven “deadly” sins geographically in the United States. My sister, the brilliant Emily Lannon, suggests a different graph, pictured below and right. Be sure to check out all of […]