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The Evil Person I Become on a Bike

This one was written by Sarah Hinlicky Wilson. Yes, that’s me: mild-mannered theologian by foot, hate-spewing demon by bike. Note that when I say “bike,” I don’t mean a souped-up chopper bearing a Hell’s Angel in well-worn leather and a half-drunk can of Schlitz. I mean a dorky, human-powered eight-speed that I can’t even make […]

A Place on the Ladder: Notes from Sibling Rivalry

It was a Ken Griffey, Jr. baseball card, blue and shiny and highly-coveted by Little Leaguers everywhere. Packed in with four other no-names, it was a diamond in the rough. It was mine. My brother, a year older, couldn’t believe I was so lucky—Ken Griffey, Jr.—so he proceeded to sneakily remove it from my collection […]

How Do I Love Jonathan Haidt? Let Me Count the Ways…

1. The main premise of his new book, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, is that the human mind is wired for “righteousness.” Need I say more?! He talks at length about “inner lawyers” and our primal drive to justify ourselves (and all the trouble it creates), which jives […]

Mockingbird Glossary: Imputation and Simul Iustus Et Peccator

As promised, here is the second installment of the blog definitions. Remember:) What follows is by no means authoritative or exhaustive; rather, it is our attempt to put some of the often-used terminology—Mockingbirdese, if you will—into context. One of the intentions of our ministry is to wrestle with theological concepts in the context of everyday […]

The Radical Gospel

Hey Folks, I have been developing a reading list (novels, devotionals, systematic & historic works, both light & heavy), dealing with some of the theology being discussed on this blog. Do check it out. Here is an excerpt that only Richard Simmons could lead us in a work out to 🙂 The Righteousness of […]