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Dawkins Needs a New Test (or, Telescoping the Theology of the Cross)

More great (and seasonally appropriate) stuff from Sin Boldly!: Justifying Faith for Fragile and Broken Souls by Ted Peters, who we are so excited to have/hear speak at our upcoming NYC conference. This comes from chapter 10, entitled “Faith as Belief” in which Dr. Peters challenges some of the assumptions put forward by the New […]

The Smartest Evisceration of Richard Dawkins You’ll Read (Today)

What happens when your favorite atheist takes on your least favorite? I found out on Sunday, when The New Republic published John Gray’s scathing review of the first volume (!) of Richard Dawkins’ autobiography, An Appetite For Wonder. The pummeling Gray gives is so complete that the Samaritan in me is (almost) ready to stick […]

Another Week Ends: Amy Chua’s Three Traits for Success, Nietzsche’s Subversion of Atheism, Why Fun Is Fun, The Eighth-Grade Ubermensch, Dostoevsky’s Internet Anxiety and Lena Dunham’s Eden

1. What happens when you combine an unshakeable superiority complex with deep insecurity? Probably a nervous breakdown in mid-life, or Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan. But Amy Chua (of “Tiger Mother” fame) asks us to guess again. The real answer is… success. For those unfamiliar with her work on hyper-controlling parenting (using that adjective as value-neutrally as possible), it’s […]

Another Week Ends: Secular Apocalypse, Holy Spirit Hits SEGA, Melville’s Bible, More A-Rod, Increasing Positivity, and Insights from The Canyons

1. First off, an excellent essay on Apocalypticism over at The Chronicle looks at the psychology behind end-times expectations and fascinations. There’s something endearing about a professed “secularist” having both a real understanding of Christianity and a penchant for pointing out how secular humanists fall prey to the same end-of-history temptations as Christians do (read: […]

Another Week Ends: The Casual Vacancy, Perfect People, Moral Licensing Kohlrabi, Kinkade Kitsch, Atheists and Non-Apocalypses, Dawes and Metta World Peace

Filling in for DZ, who is on vacation this week. 1) Little, Brown released details regarding J.K. Rowling’s first novel for adults, The Casual Vacancy. It is due to be released in the UK and US September 27. Here is the back blurb: When Barry Fairweather dies unexpectedly in his early forties, the little town […]

No Possibility of a Smooth Evolution: An Atheist’s Good Friday Sermon

From Terry Eagleton’s lecture series, Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate, in which Eagleton criticizes the approach of new atheists Richard Dawkins and Hitch (God rest his soul), or “Ditchkins,” as Eagleton calls them. Raised a Catholic and currently finding it “hard to say” what his current stand is on matters of […]

An Atheist, a Feminist and a Misogynist Walk Into an Elevator…

Have you heard the new one about Richard Dawkins?! Gawker reported recently on a fascinating controversy going on within the “skeptical community.” The gist is this: a renowned feminist blogger named Rebecca Watson was propositioned/asked out by a male admirer in a hotel elevator, following her presentation at a “Skepticon” (calling Michael Bay…). She rebuffed […]

Hieronymus Bosch, Animal Altruism and Bottom-Up Morality

A thorough, at times exasperating, at times inspiring, and at times challenging look at science, morality and religion over on The NY Times’ Opinionator by Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal entitled “Morals Without God?”. De Waal uses Hieronymus Bosch’s painterly obsession with the pre-Fall human nature as a touchstone for his objections with what he […]

It’s Not God Who Needs Saving–It’s Us

I ran across a review by John Cottingham–Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Reading and an Honorary Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford–over at Standpoint entitled: “It’s Not God Who Needs Saving–It’s Us,” that adds to the long line of arguments and counter-arguments about the verticality of Dostoyevsky’s operating thesis: If God does […]

The New Yorker on Modern (Re-)Interpretations of Jesus

For all you New Yorker readers out there, I’d like to recommend an interesting (though unsurprising) article in this week’s issue entitled “What Did Jesus Do?”.  The premise of the article is a familiar one: to strip away all the tradition and fairy tales of Christian tradition, and get back to who the historical Jesus […]

The Moral Life Of Babies

From a fascinating article in this weekend’s NY Times magazine by Paul Bloom detailing some recent research into the subject Baby Morality. Prime 2 Cor 2:14 material, with some heavy doses of original sin. Some excerpts: Why would anyone even entertain the thought of babies as moral beings? From Sigmund Freud to Jean Piaget to […]

Fundamentalists and the Atheists Who Love Them

Before I catch my plane down to sunny FLA, a fantastic blog entry over at the NY Times – catch it while it’s hot (i.e. before they charge you) – from Ross Douthat, discussing Richard Dawkins’ recent defense of Pat Robertson’s sadistic comments about Haiti. The first time I’ve seen the Westminster Confession quoted in […]