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    LeBron and the Weight of Expectation

    Nike has been on fire with their recent advertising. Their latest triumph comes in the form of a very dark and intimate look into what superstar LeBron James has been going through these past few months. For those of you in the dark, NBA superstar LeBron James left Cleveland, his longtime home, in favor of […]

    The Exposed Lies of "Saints"

    This month’s issue of Christianity Today has an interesting piece on William Wilberforce, and, in particular, the dark side of the abolitionist that has just recently come to light. It turns out that Wilberforce, a 19th century politician best known for bringing down the slave trade in England, was the very same politician who sanctioned […]

    Legal Sweeping and Gracious Sprinkling in John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress

    After finding an old copy of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress in a thrift store for 25 cents, I had to add it to my summer reading. Here’s a beautiful passage depicting the effects of the law and the gospel on one’s heart. The image he uses is just so good that I don’t think […]

    The New Yorker on Modern (Re-)Interpretations of Jesus

    For all you New Yorker readers out there, I’d like to recommend an interesting (though unsurprising) article in this week’s issue entitled “What Did Jesus Do?”.  The premise of the article is a familiar one: to strip away all the tradition and fairy tales of Christian tradition, and get back to who the historical Jesus […]